Conveyor systems

We design and manufacture systems for moving every kind of material, which can be inserted in any type of production line.

Whatever you have to handle, pallets, cartons or containers, and whatever is the size, we are always able to offer the appropriate solution.

Production lines

With years of experience and continuous observation of the use of its products, Alutec is able to capture the human needs that the workplace does not always respect and put in evidence.

This has brought the company to find solutions to improve the working quality of those who have to deal with daily production problems.

End of line systems

The end of line systems are automatic machines which handle products at the end of the production line and accumulate and organize them before transport. Alutec is able to study and produce the best end of line system according to the needs and the existing systems for each customer.


Soluzioni di robot cartesiani che possono ospitare varie applicazioni inerenti ai processi quali: dispensazione, avvitatura, manipolazione, fresatura ecc.. in una configurazione strutturale personalizzabile.