Production Lines

Custom workstations

June 10, 2022
CUSTOM WORKSTATION From every need there is a solution: a custom workstation to facilitate the movement of workpieces consisting of a needle roller guide with integrated work table and motorised conveyor belt. ALUTEC GROUP DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE EVERY LINE AND EVERY PRODUCT, RESPONDING TO THE CUSTOMER NEEDS! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

Bilaminate sheet …

June 10, 2022
Our value is follow the customer’s indications by customising the end result: this is a 20 mm Bilaminate sheet, processed internally with our pantograph. The top will be part of a work table that we complete with our range of aluminium profiles. ALUTEC GROUP DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE EVERY LINE AND EVERY PRODUCT, RESPONDING TO THE […]

Complete line of …

May 18, 2022
For a company that produces aluminium parts destined in particular for the automotive and telecommunications sectors, we have created a complete 12-metre long line. Automotive and telecommunications sectors, we produced a complete 12-metre long line. Tthe customer will complete its automation by installing robots for stationary machining. The line was built with a straight stainless […]

Production and in…

May 9, 2022
For an industrial company dedicated to the processing of smoked meats, we have designed, manufactured and installed a palletizer, consisting of a stainless steel structure and internal handling in structural aluminium, pneumatic system of suction cups, idle roller conveyor and box deviation. The creation of the palletising schemes is carried out by means of a […]

Fixed and wheeled…

October 26, 2021
The two transport stations were built with 3/8 triple chain on a heavy Alutec profile frame 90×90, suitable for supporting the steel pallets that will carry motors of 400/500kg.  The wheeled station will contain a set of batteries to power the other stations independently. The fixed station is equipped with mechanical stoppers moved by electric […]

Workbench with ro…

September 24, 2021
Workbench with roller conveyor Knowing and understanding customer needs is at the centre of every successful business, every operator must be able to work safely, avoid moving heavy loads and be able to organise his work in a flexible and functional manner. Our workbenches and assembly lines can be customised with the user’s comfort in […]

PVC carpet tapes

July 26, 2021
For one of our customers, we made 5 twin tapes with the upper part made of PVC belt, while the lower part is composed of idle rollers to facilitate feeding. To automate the system, we inserted an independent belt with a pneumatic system with a pneumatic system which receives the workpiece arriving from the upper […]


June 16, 2021
Projects made with components of the “Workbenches” and “Complementary elements” lines Workbenches and assembly lines Thanks to the most complete range of high-quality accessories we are able to configure ergonomic and flexible workstations, we configure different solutions to suit the individual operator’s work requirement. The manufacturing principles and the essentiality of this technology allows to […]